Session 44 (as told by Eyvindr)

Sung to the tune of!

Everybody gather ‘round and listen to my song!
No! Don’t get up and run away; I swear it won’t take long!
It’s all about our youngest folk and all the good they do,
So listen now, and don’t spit on them when they talk to you!

Evindr of the Lastname clan can toss a horse alone
can haul more than a giant and checks in at sixteen stone.
He doesn’t have a silver tongue, and speaks more than he should,
but since he’s large, nobody stops him, even if they could.

Finnola Randulfsdottir is a paragon of light,
Descended from the great Hallbjörn, she channels Baldur’s might.
She’s smart and nice and beautiful and heals you with pizzazz
But I don’t need to tell you that since she already has.

Leaf, the son of Faraldr, is quite the average guy.
He tried to be a bard one time, but that has gone awry.
He now casts spells (not many, though), but still he isn’t great.
Who knows how many jobs he’ll try before he plays one straight?

Litli is a little man, as strange as he is small:
He swings his fists in fights and doesn’t use an axe at all.
Often folks don’t see him, or think that he’s a mime.
(Someone tell him whisper gnomes don’t whisper all the time!)

Their story starts some days ago, when early in the morn,
A druid asked them to go check on farmers left forlorn
Who had not come to Meiðarhöll for far too many days.
They quickly found one house ransacked, another set ablaze.

The found a perpetrator (on whom they put the blame
because they all were bushed, and he was someone new to maim).
They talked a lot and chased him off (a mighty victory!)
But found him soon and fought a bear while he went absentee.

The next day came, and all as one, they stormed his secret lair
Allied with a super dog! (I guess Unnr was there).
They fought a wolf (not well) (but still, the point is that they won)
And when had they saved everyone, their starting quest was done.

So those of you who stuck around, thank you for your ear,
And worry not, for we will all protect our great frontier!
(Though everyone should know that I can’t make a song each night,
for since I’m a barbarian, I cannot read or write.)



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