Session 47 (as told by Eyvindr)

Sung to the tune of!

Now this is a story all about how
Our wheat got sled-run back to town
And I liked to take a minute just sit down, Holmes
And tell you how we got the stuff for a sled made of bones.

Iiiiiiin east-facing mountain dens, helped a fey
In his hovel is where we started out our day
Chillin out, maxin, checking out terrain
While the guy who wasn’t Litli’s father turned gold into grain
When a couple of cows who were ugly as sin
Showed up with the magic cart we’d travel in
We loaded things up and the fey was glad
And said “don’t travel in the day or your speed will be bad”
We hemmed and hawed, asking for more loot
But he didn’t have things we could use en route
He gave us some bones for our magical sled
So we went on our way and tried not to to be dead

First day out, things were alright
Except for the things that attacked in the night
Is this what we should expect on our trip?
Hmm…let’s abandon ship
But wait, except Leaf, we’re doing just fine
Perhaps pantsless schoolgirl guys are in decline
I wasn’t quite sure, so when things were aligned
I kicked him away and left him behind

Well, ah, the town got close, it was nearly in view
When a scary guy came up and nearly ran us all through
Now that it was light we could stand and do battle
And keep the magic ogre from killing our cattle
We gathered the party and started combat
Though Litli was effective like the tiniest cat
If anything I can say I had that fight down
But I thought “Nah, forget it, let’s head into town!”

We pulled up to the farm after six or eight days
Of hauling back wheats and helping out feys
We sent out the goods, mighty heroes were we
And we had a good rest and got to level three



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