- Gary poops Stigandr’s sparkles.
- Gary is half dragon. This has nothing to do with bloodline; he once ate an entire dragon.
- Ragnarok? What already happened wasn’t Ragnarok. That was only the warm-up for Garydammerung.
- Gary eats mistletoe for breakfast.
- Thyrna settled for Stigandr because Gary is already married.
- There is no Prose Edda, only Prose Gary.
- Heimdall guards the gateway to Asguard so the gods don’t leave to be with Gary.
- Warriors go to Valhalla, Valkyries go to Gary’s lawn.
- Ragnarok was created as a distraction, so people don’t worry as much about Gary the Unicorn.
- There can be no Gary-Warriors because the world would explode from too much badassery. Signy settled for Bear-Warrior.
- Hugin and Munin aided Odin. Odin aided Gary, hoping some awesome would rub off on him.
- Gary is his own alignment.
- Loki met Gary. Loki retired and decided to go live in a cave.
- VAKR yells because it’s the only way he’ll be heard over the sound of Gary’s AWESOME.
- There used to be a world-tree, until Gary needed to pick his teeth. Got a frost giant stuck in there.
- Gary has no clerics, as no mortal could follow Gary’s example.
- Gary didn’t die. He’s just filling in for all the dead gods.



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