Session 50

Leaf’s Log 24 Thorri (36th day of Rangering)

We scouted three locations for possible settlement. One was full of gates and horses, another was full of murder vines, and the last was full dogs. The dogs attacked us and thus are no longer filling the location. It was chosen for settlement.

Tried to follow a magic sense, Went the opposite direction.
Tried to move silently, forgot to stop humming my theme song.
Fight started, failed to notice until after everyone else had begun.
Cast a spell at a horse, hit a tree in the other direction.
Tried to forage for food. Mistook deathberries for blueberries.
A vine tried to kill Litli, I slept through the first half of the fight.
Cast a spell at a dog, hit a rock.
Tried to stab a dog, hit the ground, three times.

Actually managed to hit a horse with a spear.
Managed to dodge attacking murder vines while asleep.
Actually hit attacking murder vines with a spear.
Actually hit a dog with a spear.

My success to failure ratio has increased to 0.40. This is better than the 0.375 that I had as wizard and the 0.174 that I had as a bard. However I still fail to comprehend how the others manage to get above 1.0. Maybe I should try wizard again. Determining which berries are poisonous and which direction to go are surprisingly difficult. Casting spells was easier even if I couldn’t hit anything with them.



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