Session 53

Leaf’s Log 15 Goi (5th day of 2nd Wizardry)

Rangering didn’t work out very well, so I am trying Wizarding again. A shadow rat god offered us a bonehemoth in exchange for waking up a few awesome gods. We accepted and got transferred to the spirit world. I nearly got eaten by a big dog and Litli went to investigate (kill) some voices. We found the awesome gods but there were a bunch of unseelie there as well.


My spirit animal is a duck billed platypus.
Failed to spot ambush. Nearly got eaten.
Cast a spell, hit a rock. Three times. In three rounds.
Fired and arrow, hit a tree.
Tried to hit a helpless unconscious enemy, missed.

Zero successes and seven failures. I have fallen below even the bards in competence. Clearly the spirit world is not for me. I need to find a way back the normal world before I somehow manage of go negative.



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