Session 56

Leaf’s Log 1 Ein-Manuthr (20th day of 2nd Wizardry)

We got asked to wake up some gods. Apparently this involves dragging their bodies into the woods during a blizzard while being attacked by unseelie fey and saving the scouts that went out before us. Also, that fey hound was really scary.

Hit a guy with a spell.
Hit a guy with an arrow.
Made an inspiring speech.

Shot an arrow at a guy, hit rock. Three times.
Tried to stab a guy, hit the ground. Four times.
Almost died.
Got terrified by a dog.

My success to failure ratio has gone to 0.33. This is clearly an improvement over the 0 from the spirit world but I am starting to think that I am not a very good wizard. Perhaps I should try divine magic. The question is which god would trust me with magic.



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