Session 61

Leaf’s Log 25 Harpa (55th day of 2nd Wizardry)

Eyvindr retired after his little creepy pet died. We then got sent far to the north. Conveniently a new guy and his big creepy pet decided to join us during the journey. I am still not sure why they decided to join us. Probably either a lack of options or intelligence. Also I apparently got married to a small fairy creature (Sarah) who is now following me around.


Got married (somehow) to a woman who is both smarter and prettier than I am.
Cast a spell, hit a guy.
Won a singing contest with two wolf guys.


She is the size of a house cat and I still have no idea how we got married in the first place.
Got tackled by the big creepy pet.
Lost a singing contest to an actual wolf.
Cast a spell hit a tree, twice.

I had a success to failure ratio of 0.60. Clearly married life is working out for me. Hopefully I can maintain this.



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