Session 63

(By Finnola)

In the absence of commentary from my… acquaintances… I shall provide illumination.


Because my beautiful new mithral full-plate (and matching healing helmet!) give off a faint glow of radiance. These wondrous gifts were courtesy of a spirit lass, whom we saved in a dank, dark cave full of hill monsters. New party member Big Guy is now bigger and tougher, and the Werewolf King didn’t get a gift. I am not surprised since he already seems very complete and perfect, although he doesn’t know what a “robe” is. He thinks it’s a dress. I’d prefer the version where he didn’t know what a robe was, and so he walks around in various states of undress with little birds flying away behind him, in a dramatic way. Leaf’s thank you gift was the ability to turn into a little fairy, so now he can be the same manner of creature as his lovely wife Serra.

Oh yes… Leaf got married. I still can’t figure that one out. I mean, duh, it happened. I officiated the ceremony in my capacity of Cleric. But I’m still not sure how we got to that point. I don’t think they even knew each other for very long.

Whirlwind weddings are only appropriate for people who are clearly a perfect match for each other, such as myself and the Werewolf King.



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