Finnola Randulfsdottir

A shining person in a dark time


Cleric of Balder (Healing, Knowledge) 5


Being perfect is a trial. To be perfect is to be looked up to as a role model and a paragon of what is Right, Good, and Proper. Finnola’s blood ran true with perfection, and her fine beauty and sweet words made her a natural to preach the good word of Baldur, which she does, all the time. Pretty is a nice thing to look at when you’re being healed, and when people happen to be immobile and being healed by Finnola, it’s the perfect time to preach His word. It’s not like her patients have anywhere else to go.

Finnola is descended from the perfection that was Gary the Unicorn.

Picture by MirrorCradle, and found on DA.

Finnola Randulfsdottir

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