Hróarr Hrólfsson


Hróarr is a goatherd by trade, but he also serves as Nýjarheim’s sheriff and he has been known to lead the militia against wandering wolves, or the increasing number of goblins raiding farms near Meiðarhöll. He is friendly, brave and strong, but not too bright, and tends to either listen to his wife, Unnr Knútsdóttir, or to the community’s effective leader, Rangarr Hallbjarnarson. Hróarr is relatively young, just over 27 years old, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He only recently became sheriff after the death of his father, Hrólfr Hjámarson, who was the sheriff before him. Hróarr lives on Hestahús with Unnr and his mother, Þóra Ásbjarnardóttir.

Hróarr is a herder, with mostly goats and sheep.

Relationship to PCs

Hróarr Hrólfsson is Þyrna’s uncle on her father’s side, and became Signy’s uncle when he married Unnr.

Hróarr Hrólfsson

Post-Rangarok Armetrek