Signy Gudriksdóttir



I see them ragin’ (Bear Totem Barbarian, Unearthed Arcana) 7
BEAR (Bear Warrior) 1
Crits lul wat? (Warshaper) 2


Signy is a bear, but is not one of the new gods… or maybe she is one of the new gods… ironically. She was farming and eating organic locally-grown food before it was cool.

You’ve probably never heard of Signy, but she encourages you to think for yourself. Don’t be mainstream.

Post time-skip picture by Makani, and found on Deviantart.

Old Stuffs:

Early season picture (not shown here) drawn by Tymethia, found on DA.

Signy is a 16 year old girl who sometimes acts like a bear. She grew up on a farm (Ketilhús), learned to brew mead, and will tell you her opinion whether you give two craps or not.
Enjoys hunny and critical hits.
Does not enjoy baths.

Signy Gudriksdóttir

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