Unnr Knútsdóttir


Unnr is a young goatherdess in the village, but she is the best in the community at keeping and caring for all sorts of animals. Though Unnr was the weakest, physically, of her sisters, she made up for it by being very clever, and managed to catch Hróarr Hrólfsson’s attention and his parent’s approval with her practicality and plain beauty. Unnr is 25 years old, and has dirty blond hair that is almost brown, and blue eyes. She is attractive, but not what most would consider beautiful. Unnr is a bit clumsy, but she is outgoing and motherly, and cares for her dogs almost as much as she cares for her children. Unnr lives on the farm, Hestahús, with Hróarr, her children, and Hróarr’s mother, Þóra Ásbjarnardóttir.

Unnr is a herder, with mostly goats and sheep.

Unnr is Signy’s aunt, on Signy’s mother’s side, and became Þyrna’s aunt when she married Hróarr.

Unnr Knútsdóttir

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