Session 78

Leaf’s Log 17 Skerpla (187th day of 2nd Wizardry)

Today we tried to prevent the fey from from inciting a war between the town and some
wolves. Ranulfr didn’t seem to care very much about the wolves killing the townsfolk
but was rather upset about the fey messing with his subjects. To do this we decided to
move the portal that they were using to get to Midgard and cause problems. We found that the portal could only be changed during the new moon.

While waiting for the new moon Ranulfr found that some of his subjects were questioning his legitimacy and decided to address this by visiting the tomb of the previous wolf king to get a token to prove his legitimacy.

After that we disrupted the fey ritual and did our own to close the portal.

Cast a spell.
Actually hit an enemy with a spell.
Incinerated an enemy.
Was NOT too shocked to act after incinerating an enemy.

Did no damage at all to the enemy.
Shot an arrow. Hit a tree. Twice.
Even when I hit enemies with arrows it didn’t noticeably inconvenience them.

My success to failure ratio reached 1 to 1 for the first time ever. I have had a noticeable increase in success after getting married.

Session 76 (as told by Ulfr)



Session 73

Leaf’s Log 4 Tvi-Manuthr (140th day of 2nd Wizardry)

Today my consciousness was forcibly summoned out of my body and across the worlds by the
LOUD GOD to advise him on how to incite a riot. I am still unclear how I came to his
attention or why I was chosen for this duty as the LOUD GOD refused to explain. After
explaining that I was not any good at inciting riots I was promptly ignored and any
subsequent attempts at speech shouted down. I appeared to be within the LOUD GOD’s mind
while he himself was was within a construct along with the god of ABS and the goddess of
class. The deities were within a city of trolls and seemed to successfully start a
large and violent riot without my aid. Why they were there or why it was necessary I
was not informed. After seeing some Fey leave the city under an illusion I was sent
back to my own body due to a particularly loud shout from the LOUD GOD.


Failed to aid the gods, however I begin to have some concerns about them.


Session 72A Towering Proposal: The DM needs to think of a more clever name (the midquel)

While Þyrna is trolling with the dwarfs, the rest of the New Gods must travel across one of the frozen seas of Nidavellir to find and recover pieces of sacred cold iron from the troll city, all so they can reseal an awesomely powerful Faerie Sovereign who has been released from the seals that were placed by Odin back in the old days, when he wasn’t dead. But if it were ever that easy, that would be boring and flat, neither of which describe Stígandr’s abs, let alone this session. Probably.


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