Session 63

(By Finnola)

In the absence of commentary from my… acquaintances… I shall provide illumination.


Because my beautiful new mithral full-plate (and matching healing helmet!) give off a faint glow of radiance. These wondrous gifts were courtesy of a spirit lass, whom we saved in a dank, dark cave full of hill monsters. New party member Big Guy is now bigger and tougher, and the Werewolf King didn’t get a gift. I am not surprised since he already seems very complete and perfect, although he doesn’t know what a “robe” is. He thinks it’s a dress. I’d prefer the version where he didn’t know what a robe was, and so he walks around in various states of undress with little birds flying away behind him, in a dramatic way. Leaf’s thank you gift was the ability to turn into a little fairy, so now he can be the same manner of creature as his lovely wife Serra.

Oh yes… Leaf got married. I still can’t figure that one out. I mean, duh, it happened. I officiated the ceremony in my capacity of Cleric. But I’m still not sure how we got to that point. I don’t think they even knew each other for very long.

Whirlwind weddings are only appropriate for people who are clearly a perfect match for each other, such as myself and the Werewolf King.

Session 62 (as told by Steingeirr)

Mask good! Rock spear hurt cold danger! Fire friend bad, fix friend good! Wolf friend small good. Magic friend no good, no bad. Food, sleep, dark, no dark. Big danger! Magic friend hurt, rock spear help! Cold water friend fix rock spear big!

Session 61

Leaf’s Log 25 Harpa (55th day of 2nd Wizardry)

Eyvindr retired after his little creepy pet died. We then got sent far to the north. Conveniently a new guy and his big creepy pet decided to join us during the journey. I am still not sure why they decided to join us. Probably either a lack of options or intelligence. Also I apparently got married to a small fairy creature (Sarah) who is now following me around.


Got married (somehow) to a woman who is both smarter and prettier than I am.
Cast a spell, hit a guy.
Won a singing contest with two wolf guys.


She is the size of a house cat and I still have no idea how we got married in the first place.
Got tackled by the big creepy pet.
Lost a singing contest to an actual wolf.
Cast a spell hit a tree, twice.

I had a success to failure ratio of 0.60. Clearly married life is working out for me. Hopefully I can maintain this.

Session 59 (as told by Horatio Caine)

Looks like those vines…

Just got murdered.


Session 56

Leaf’s Log 1 Ein-Manuthr (20th day of 2nd Wizardry)

We got asked to wake up some gods. Apparently this involves dragging their bodies into the woods during a blizzard while being attacked by unseelie fey and saving the scouts that went out before us. Also, that fey hound was really scary.

Hit a guy with a spell.
Hit a guy with an arrow.
Made an inspiring speech.

Shot an arrow at a guy, hit rock. Three times.
Tried to stab a guy, hit the ground. Four times.
Almost died.
Got terrified by a dog.

My success to failure ratio has gone to 0.33. This is clearly an improvement over the 0 from the spirit world but I am starting to think that I am not a very good wizard. Perhaps I should try divine magic. The question is which god would trust me with magic.

Session 54 (as told by Eyvindr)

Sung to the tune of!

There’s a raven alone who says the gods are stone
And we’re riding a bone sled of awesome.
When we get there he knows, we’ll take them through the snows
With a quest we can get gods back home soon.
Ooh, ooh, and we’re riding a bone sled of awesome.

Down below, ogremen come to kill us again,
Some can fly, some can shoot and some melee.
And a ways down the course, there’s a witch on a horse,
And the bird thinks we should take the long way.
Ooh, should go the back way,
Ooh, should go the back way.

There’s a feeling I feel when I look down the hill,
And I send a few rocks just to test them.
In my ears I can hear sounds of anger and fear,
And the voices of those who would hurt us.
Ooh, screw the back way,
Ooh, we’re going down the fast way.

With a boulder in front, it absorbs all the brunt,
Of the forces amassed in our pathway.
As it picks up the snow, it continues to grow
And we know soon we’ll have to avoid it.

There’s guys approaching up in the sky, and they can all fly,
And with a glare they shoot arrows.
But soon they come down into melee, and then they’re our prey,
Their boots explode or burst or something.
And I miss the back way.

The ladies sail in like a menace, and we play tennis,
Finnola wins with a hair flip,
Eyvindr hugs the one in charge now, we still don’t know how,
And Leaf was there to make us look good.

And as we sled on down the hill,
An avalanche begins to spill.
It gets the women in the ice,
But Litli gives that snow a slice
With some weird thing we’ve never seen,
Which gives us all a plan that’s keen.
We sail on up the rift he made,
We ride the wave and shout the score:
An army felled by just us four.

And we’re riding a bone sled of awesome.


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