Changes to the Rules

To maintain the Nordic flavor of this campaign, a number of rules and pieces of equipment were changed to suit my purposes. While changes to game play will be listed here, it is more immediately important to list changes that will affect a PC’s decisions during character creation.

Language Changes
Equipment Changes
Armor Changes
Weapons Changes
Other Equipment Changes
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An arcane character who gets Summon Familiar as a class feature may use his level in any and all arcane spell-casting classes when determining the familiar’s abilities.

Because of their special place in Norse society, I am using a slightly different version of the raven’s familiar abilities, which has it giving a +3 bonus to Gather Information checks instead of a +3 to Appraise checks. A character may use either this new version or the PHB version, but once the choice is made, it cannot be changed. It can still speak as a supernatural ability.

Changes to the Rules

Post-Rangarok Armetrek