Haraldr Ragnarson

A fisherman who seeks to challenge the ocean


Haraldr is married to Ragnbjörg Hallbjarnardóttir. He learned much of fighting from his father, Ragnar Drekannbani, but it would seem that he never adopted the former’s ferocious prowess with Jötungrimm. Instead, Haraldr has learned to fight while on the water, where heavy weapons and armor only serve to anchor a man to his death. Though Haraldr is not part of the militia, he has still proven himself to be a competent fighter, using a sense of balance honed by a lifetime on boats to avoid the deadly weapons of gnoblins and ogremenn.

Haraldr keeps to himself when on shore, but everyone has seen him test his prowess against the trees enough to know that Haraldr spends most of his time perfecting his strength. Otherwise, Haraldr seems uncomfortable on land. He is unable to stand still for long periods of time, and he seems to look towards the water every few minutes.

Despite his mother being a völva, and his grandmother-in-law knowing more about the gods than the gods likely knew, Haraldr is strangely non-religious. Even his worship of Njörd sounds more like a man looking for a challenge than any offers of sacrifice for a good catch.

Haraldr Ragnarson

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