Rúna Fólkadóttir

An eccentric wizard, brewer and alchemist and her magical cat.


Rúna is married to Alfarr Valdimársson. She is most renowned for her various potions, her knowledge and use of the runes, her work with spirits (the kind you drink) and her work with Spirits (the kind that drive men to drink). Rúna learned her particular magic from her mother, Inga Drekanbanni, whose exploits are, of course, are ready well known. Rúna does some work directly on the farm, but most of her time is spent teaching her apprentice, fixing the mistakes of said apprentice, or brewing and cooking curative and restorative concoctions, some of which are used to repair the damage caused by said apprentice.

Rúna is very patient and focused while she is working, and she relies on the close proximity of her cat, for some reason named Moose, to keep her informed of things, especially while she is absorbed in her research. As many have found out the hard way, Rúna is very persistent and fully-capable of working for hours at a time to achieve an end. Nothing short of three feet of snow on the ground and more coming fast is enough to deter her from her goals.

Rúna Fólkadóttir

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